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1/100 gifs of Hyeri

This blog is inactive!

I’ve moved this blog~ If you don’t mind re-following, I am now here ^u^

I've moved my blog!

Would you mind re-following? ^u^ Still GsD/girl group centric~

Two pieces of news!

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Anonymous whispered: Okay I really love your blog, honestly I think you're adorable and lovely to everyone and your updates are so good, you're one of my favourite blogs of Girls Day. However I can say that I wont be following your main blog as you've said you're posting Exo and yeah.. I don't really want them on my dash >< But I just wanted to let you know that this blog was amazing whilst it lasted, best of luck flippy <33

Asdfghkl Thank you so much! ^u^ Honestly, thank for taking your time to send me this, it means a lot ;;
And if I could change your mind in the slightest ;~; it’s still going to be GsD/girl group centered, just /occassional/ Yixing and other male biases, I’m not gonna spam exo or anything for the reason my main blog is inactive is because- well, I’ve lost my interest in exo ^^; they’re still a biased group of mine, just a change or interest is all~
You could track my tags if you’re already adamant ;w; I tag all my gsd gifs!
Sorry if this is long, I ramble orz, but yeah ;w;

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Girl’s Day through the eras


this is my friend

srsly i’m not fucking over this yet it’s like someone has been stalking her and then just traced her she’s not even fucking trying this iS HER EVERYDAY LOOK WHAT

do you have any fucking idea how much we freaked out when we saw the poster for epic


Tokyo, Japan (by katya.)

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